Dr. Aaron K. Hostetter

Email: akh58@camden.rutgers.edu

461 Armitage Hall,
311 North Fifth Street
Camden, New Jersey 08102


Ph.D., English, Princeton University, December 2010
M.A., English, University of Colorado at Boulder, May 2003
B.A., English, University of Colorado at Boulder, December 1994


2017-present: Associate Professor of English, Rutgers University-Camden
2011-2017: Assistant Professor of English, Rutgers University-Camden
2005-2011: Assistant in Instruction, Princeton University


National Endowment for the Humanities Summer Institute Seminar: “Teaching Beowulf in an Old Norse-Icelandic Context,” Kalamazoo, MI, June-July 2016 (Seminar Director: Jana K. Schulman).

Association for Princeton Graduate Alumni Teaching Award, May 2009.


Political Appetites: Food in Medieval English Romance. Columbus: The Ohio State University Press, 2017.


“Tasting the Medieval Feast” (chapter solicited for The Cambridge Companion to Food and Literature (edited by J. Michelle Coghlan), forthcoming.

“The Power of the Material in Beowulf” New Medieval Literatures 16 (2017): 33-64.

Sir Gowther: Table Manners and Aristocratic Identity” Studies in Philology 114 (Summer 2017): 497-516.

 “Elene,” “Christ 1, 2 & 3,” and “The Order of the World” entries for the Wiley-Blackwell Encyclopedia of Medieval British Literature (August 2017).

Spoiled or Splendid?: Speculations on a Cultural Misgiving.” eHumanista 25 (2013): 1-10.

“Food, Sovereignty and Social Order in Havelok the Dane,” The Journal of English and Germanic Philology 110 (January 2011): 53-77.


The Anglo-Saxon Narrative Poetry Project (2007-present).

[This features both verse translations and blog posts on issues of translation and poetics]

The Old English Homily Project (2017-present).

[This new project attempts to bring the extant corpus of Old English homilies into Modern English]


“Impossible Fools: Translating an Old English Ethics of Difference” (under consideration)

Old English Hip Hop: Orality, Identity, and Form (book project in the planning stages).

The Practical Guide to Teaching Beowulf: Pedagogical Approaches for High School and College Teachers (collection of essays in progress, co-edited with Larry Swain) (manuscript under consideration).

“Toothsome Gothic: Aesthetics of Late Medieval Cuisine” (essay in progress, planned completion August 2019).

Commodities Beyond Avarice (book project in the planning stages; first of a two-part study with the item below).

Decriminalizing Sin: Avarice in Late Medieval Literature (book project in the planning stages; with the item above).



“Competing Gustatory Isms in Andreas.” Medieval Academy of America, Emory University [coming soon, March 2018].

“Unnyt: Material Power in Beowulf.” Medieval Materiality, University of Colorado at Boulder, October 2014.

“The History of Encounter in the Anglo-Saxon Andreas.” Medieval Academy of America. University of California at Los Angeles, April 2014.

Andreas as Blockbuster: Revision and Adaptation of an Ancient Poem.” Lunchtime Keynote Address. English Graduate Student Association Academic Conference. Rutgers University-Camden, April 2014.

“Feeding Aristocratic Identity in Sir Gowther.” Delaware Valley Medieval Association, The Richard Stockton College of New Jersey, February 2012

Presenter, Translation Roundtable at Anglo-Saxon Futures 2, King’s College, London, April 2008.

“How Clæne is Clæne?: The Kosher Other in Judith,” Anglo-Saxon Futures, King’s College, London, April 2006.

“She’s a Real Dish: Meat and Gender in Le Roman de Silence,” Arizona Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies, Tempe, AZ, February 2005.

In a Pryue Stede: Haunting Space and Speech in the ‘Incestuous Daughter,’ an Untitled Exemplum in Cambridge University Library Manuscript Ff.v.48,” Rocky Mountain Medieval and Renaissance Association, Las Vegas, NV, June 2003.

Sum Rex, Sum Princeps: Quotation and Ventriloquism in the Prologue of Piers Plowman,” The International Congress of Medieval Studies, Kalamazoo, Michigan, May 2003.



Spring 2019: 56:350:514 – Intro to Theory & Criticism (grad)
Spring 2019: 50:350:241 – Medieval Journeys

Fall 2018: 50:350:300 – Foundations of Literature: The First Thousand Years
Fall 2018: 50:350:271 – Images of the Hero

Spring 2018: 50:525:109 – Consumption (Honors College)
Spring 2018: 50:350:329 – Old English Language & Literature

Fall 2017: 50:350:200 – Introduction to English Studies: Beowulf Across Media
Fall 2017: 50:350:330 – Chaucer’s The Canterbury Tales (UG & MA)

Spring 2017: 50:350:241 – Medieval European Journeys
Spring 2017: 50:350:415 – Senior Seminar: Consumption

Fall 2016: 50:350:221 – Literatures in English 1
Fall 2016: 50:350:271 – Images of the Hero

Spring 2016: 50:350:241 – Medieval European Journeys (Honors College)
Spring 206: 56:350:535 – Anglo-Saxon Poetry in Translation

Fall 2015: 50:350:221 – Literatures in English 1
Fall 2015: 50:350:315 – Survey of British Medieval Literature

Spring 2015: On Sabbatical

Fall 2014: 50:350:221 – Literatures in English 1
Fall 2014: 50:350:330 – Chaucer’s The Canterbury Tales

Spring 2014: 50:350:220 – Critical Methods in Literary Study
Spring 2014: 56:350:532 – The Greatest Hits of Geoffrey Chaucer

Fall 2013: 50:350:411 – Old English Language & Literature
Fall 2013: 50:350:235 – The Short Story Collection of the Ancient and Medieval World

Spring 2013: 50:350:221 – Literatures in English 1
Spring 2013: 56:350:593 – Ferment and Flourish: Ricardian Literature

Fall 2012: 50:350:221 – Literatures in English 1
Fall 2012: 50:350:271 – Images of the Hero

Spring 2012: 50:350:316 – Woven Word-Hoards: A Survey of the Earliest English Poetry
Spring 2012: 56:350:535 – Studies in Medieval Romance

Fall 2011: 50:350:221 – Literatures in English 1
Fall 2011: 50:350:330 – Chaucer’s The Canterbury Tales


Anglo-Saxon language and literature
Literature and culture of medieval England (500-1500 CE)
Food, cooking, and eating in medieval literature
Confessional and penitential literature
Marxist theory and cultural materialism
Romance, epic, and allegory
Piers Plowman and late medieval alliterative poetry
John Gower
Edmund Spenser, The Faerie Queene
Translation and Translation theory
Heroism and the construction of masculinities
Hip hop poetics & aesthetics
Funk politics & history


Chair, English Department Outreach Committee, 2017-present

Member at-Large, English Department Executive Council, 2014-present.

Senator, Rutgers-Camden College of Arts and Sciences Faculty Senate, 2014-present.

Undergraduate Committee, Rutgers-Camden English Department, 2011-present.

Professional Service

Book Review, Translating Early Medieval Poetry, Speculum 94 (April 2019).

Peer Reviewer, Critical Theory, 2018

Peer Reviewer, Monstrum, 2017

Peer Reviewer, Heroic Age, 2016

Executive Council, Delaware Valley Medieval Association, 2013-2015

Peer Reviewer, New Medieval Literatures, 2013

Peer Reviewer, Journal of English and Germanic Philology, 2013

Peer Reviewer, Food, Culture, and Society, 2012

Reviewer, Routledge Annotated Bibliography of English Studies Online, 2007-2009